About this Website

Hello,This website here has Information about Compounds for kids all around the World. Our website is one of the best Compound websites. This website has Reflections, Polls, Images, Videos, FAQ’s, Vocabulary, Writing, Games, and Animations on Compounds. If you want to learn what a compound is, How compounds are formed, how Earth will look like without compounds, and Common names of compounds, visit our website when you need information about them. Every single day we try to put lots of information about Compounds. So please comment, like, and subscribe to support us for our hard work. We also hope you like our website and we hope you learn lots of things about Compounds, Thank you.

Sincerely- Vivi, Mari, and Jonah


One Response to About this Website

  1. saltforkids says:

    You guys don’t know if your blog is one of the best compound website! Some people that are older than you and maybe it has a little more better information than you guys. Well your guys’s post is good.

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