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To understand Compounds, you have to know  what are Atoms, Molecules, Mixtures,Elements and Matter. So in the next paragraphs, we will be about Atoms, Molecules, and Mixtures.


Matter is everything that takes up space. Matter contains Atoms and other particles that has Mass. A common way of defining matter is as anything that has mass and occupies volume. Matter is commonly said to exist in four states solid, liquid, gas and plasma.


Mixtures are the physical combination of  two or more substances. Because on mixtures are pure.A few Mixtures can be separated by themselves but some can’t. Mixtures can be called “solutions” if they have particles the size of Atoms or Molecules. Mixtures could also be blended together very well and some can still have a different substance showing.

Mixture that’s not blended well

Mixture that is blended well -►


Elements are Metals,Non-Metals, Metalloids, Proton, Neutrons,and Electrons. One of the most important property of Elements is their atomic number.The atomic number determines which elements an atom is. The four common Elements in living things are Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.

What are Compounds

Compounds are many different things in our world. Did you know that compounds are like a recipe for water? If  it weren’t for compounds, we wouldn’t have any oceans, lakes, or rivers because compounds is water. Eggshells are made out A example of a compoundof  millions of  compounds. In your house, you could see compounds all over your house such as water,Sodium Chloride, or table salt.Compounds are very important to our Earth because they are part of our life.

How are Compounds formed

A compound is formed when two or more elements come together and create a new substance. Compounds have more than one type of atom, but not all of the time. Compounds could be made out of  millions of elements. Properties Compounds formingof a new substance are different and some are original.  When atoms join, they lose they’re properties and combine with atoms that do have  property.

How Earth will look like without Compounds

If  it weren’t for compounds, we wouldn’t have any oceans, lakes, or rivers because compounds is water. If  Compounds didn’t exist Earth would be very different. Photosynthesis and plants would not exist if we did not have any compounds. Plastic is made of compound but if we had no compounds plastic would not exist either. Animals would also not be in the world because animals are compounds. Clothes are made out of compounds but it would not exist either. Shelter would not be on Earth either. Cars would not exist because gas is a compound, and worse of all….EARTH WOULD NOT EXIST Because Earth IS made of Compounds.

Common Compounds

Here are common Compounds

<-Salt  <-Sugar <-Vinegar  <- Rust<-Sand Baking Soda<-Battery Acid <-Epsom Salt

<-Chalk <-Water <-Bleach <-Laughing Gas <-Marble <-Quartz <-Washing Soda <-Brime Stone <-Graphite


To sum it up, Compounds are substances made of Atoms and Molecules, and without Compounds Earth would not exist,and don’t forget that Mixtures aren’t pure and that some Mixtures can be blended well and some cannot. Also that Atoms and Molecules are the objects that create Elements, Mixtures, and Compounds. Make sure you learned about Compounds.


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